Our Premium Air Freight Solutions

With the help of our extensive network and partners in many countries Red Eagle Supply-Chain provides expert airfreight solutions!

Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate solution for your Air Freight.
Whether you need to fly a small package, a luxury car or a huge and oversized piece of machinery, our Team will evaluate your case and find you the most appropriate solution at competitive rates.

We offer you:

Reliable Capacities with the biggest and best airlines in the world.

Consolidation shipments to destinations of your choice.

Door-to-Door Service

Aircraft Charter

Transport of particularly sensitive goods (i.e. High Value or Temperature Controlled)

Customs Clearance, Storage, On-carriage.

Personal Customer Service 24/7

More Options and More Choice through our strong network!

Roter Kasten

Red Eagle Supply-Chain will provide you with multiple options, so you have the choice of the perfect solution for your freight, while other providers tie themselves to specific carriers and contracts.
We balance our network, leverage and our hard won & valued relationships to provide you with the most flexible options in the industry.

In the worldwide network of Red Eagle Supply-Chain even the largest and heaviest goods are part of our everyday routine and they are modelled just as safe and reliable as our standards !