We provide close
to market Solutions

Todays complex supply-chain needs make it necessary for a lot of companies worldwide to provide products or stocks „closer to market“, where they engage in sales and after sales services.

Quick response and delivery! From your “close to market” location in Shanghai it is possible to deliver spare parts fast and effective within 2-7 days for example within the Shanghai Area, neighboring Provinces and into western China (i.e. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and others).

Low-cost long-term storage! The goods are stored in a general warehouse with more economical storage options than i.e. in Hong Kong, USA or Europe. Cash flow friendly! Only goods that leave the warehouse are subject to Duty & VAT.

Thanks to our own trading and production companies, we can not only act as your import agent in China, but also arrange assembly or other value added services in China for you.


Your Red Eagle Supply-Chain Bonus:

Resources and Skilled Personal at your disposal at location!
The Red Eagle Supply-Chain Team is very experienced in handling your international and Domestic Logistics needs to your satisfaction! You have access to the entire knowledge, experience and resources.

Direct Key Contacts that are always available for you!

Warehousing and Value-Added Service Options!

Selection of Local and International Forwarders that suit your needs perfectly!

Good connections to Airlines and Carriers and thus preferential rates!

Customization and regular optimization of your supply chain and logistics needs.


Red Eagle Supply-Chain supports its customers in the East and the West to Import to and Export from China.

Be it the import or export of general machinery or electronic products or maybe food products, we can handle it thanks to the experience gathered over many years in trading with our own products from our own production.
Most logistics company focus on offering the transportation, but shy away from taking charge over the import in China, since this required the real expertise.
Therefore, our customers and partners value that we can provide a one-stop shop experience as we also handle the entire logistics needs door to door for our Customers.
For us, the Import of a Product into China starts already before the Export at Country of Origin and we are delighted to advise our customers of what they have to keep in mind during the entire process to ensure a smooth transport and import of their products.